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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Better Have Extreme Politics

We all seem to have two options in life. On one end of the scale, we have security and safety. On the other, we have freedom and liberty. Naturally, there are endless variations of the two, as it were, balancing the scale in different ways.

Extreme politicians for extreme politics!
The Socialist state is one where everyone takes responsibility over everyone else. That is the idea, anyhow. In practice, it means that everybody is taxed aplenty, in order to equalize society, financially, as much as possible. Some may see it as unfair, but they would not usually be the ones who direly need the resources.

The Libertarian state is one where each takes responsibility for his own, and any social connection is either voluntary or incidental in nature. In practice, people tend to network more often than not, and so it would result in different areas with changing social rules, laws and accepted practices; not to mention unaccepted practices.

Each has its' faults. A Socialist society, while quite comfortable to live in, can be socially exhausting and extremely constrictive. A Libertarian society, while quite liberal in personal choices, can be disorganized and harsh on the unlucky; even if it is less brains than luck, in many cases.

Towards which end of the scale would you lean and why? Comment below!

For me, it is not so much a matter of moralistic ideology, as it is a practical ideology. I would lean strongly towards a Libertarian society. The risks are obvious, and we all suffer the stupidity of those in riches and power, on a daily basis. Never the less, I feel that freedom is a pain worth suffering, if only to enjoy that feeling, that really everything is possible.
The freedom to roam and do and try!
    The liberty to fail and hurt and cry!
I hope I do not come out as too much of an Emo! Hahaha

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