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Monday, September 16, 2013

Update! Top Navigation Options & Donations!

If you enjoy my blog or any of my posts, then please help support this enterprise by buying your own post!

Look at the left menu and locate the Buy Now button. You can select either of the three available options:
1. Buy one post of any topic you want me to discuss.
2. Buy two posts of any topic you want me to discuss.
3. Buy an interview post, in which I will interview you personally about any topic of your liking.

Navigation Menu!
^ This ain't it! It's just an image!

My more veteran readers will notice three new navigation options, between the title and posts section: Muse, Mind & Mastery. I have decided to categorize my blog in those three general terms, not excluding other minor tags, for easier navigation.

If you feel like bathing in random emotions, then go ahead and check out the Muse section, for posts about art, creativity and inspirational messages.

Otherwise, if you would prefer more intellectual content, then go ahead and check the Mind section, for posts about philosophical arguments and a variety of interesting ideas to ponder and debate.

Still, if you would simply rather catch up on my latest scheme, then the Mastery section is for you. There, you can read about my latest ventures in life, be they virtual or material. This also generally includes How To's and different useful practical tidbits.

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