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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Sleep As Much As You Can

Yes. I have said it. Those who say otherwise are biased, and thus are strictly wrong.

The myth of oversleeping is nonsense, that the popular media keeps encouraging due to those old notions, that people should wake up early - regardless of when they go to sleep.

Thanks to Cat Kalen for braving this topic!
In schools and work places, those nifty enslavement institutions, people are expected to wake up at the same hour, regardless of their own personal situation. This is stupid. It might have worked for previous generations, but with the advent of technology and the internet, we see a decrease in the uniformity of sleeping & waking hours in modern society.

Simply put, when you have had enough sleep, then you wake up. Naturally. We do not fall asleep by choice, and we should not wake up by choice. Surely, if there is anything alarming happening, then we would break our sleep. But, that is the exception, and must not be the rule. "Alarm" clocks are evil. They stress you first thing in the morning, and by disturbing your natural sleep patterns, they induce the effects of sleep deprivation.

Stuart drinks a cup of coffee and falls asleep.
I was horrored to see how many articles on Google say the opposite of what I, and others, are saying about this.

While there is indeed a plethora of researchers and doctors claiming the former, there are as many, if not so popularized, who say the latter. So, do your own study and self-evaluation. Do not let people convince you that you are in the wrong, just because you are different.

Sleep well. ;-)

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