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Saturday, September 28, 2013

FacePlus? GoogleBook? What?

I have recently decided to become more active on my Google Plus account.

Originally, I started with Facebook, like most people, and had enjoyed it thoroughly. I still do, actually. It is a great website to keep after old relationships, global friends, share photos and meet strange people in regard to strange personal hobbies. I like sharing with people and talking about life! :=D

So, what is up with Google Plus? Am I supposed to copy everything from my FB account over to G+? That does not make sense. So, I did not.

These days, I use my G+ account for more professional, business-like relations. For example, I make connections with people who do similar work to what I do. Blogging, writing, eBook authoring and general brave entrepreneurship. It is fun!

But, I still use FB for my more general hobbies, such as trolling (for humor! not for the actual badgering of people!), personal friends and random bits of philosophy. It is sort of like my practice ground, before I dare publish odd things into this blog, for your respected eyes to read.

Well portrayed... I'd give kudos if I knew who is the artist!

So, what is the deal with all those socializing websites?

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