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Monday, September 23, 2013

Pull Myself Up To The Bar

I will not forget those people who live on trees.
I have recently purchased a pull up bar. The kind that attaches to the door frame with vacuum.

That's not me! But, it's the same idea.
I really need a camera for this blog...
I have had the fortune to spend some time studying Anthropology. During that short period, I could not avoid seeing just how much the environment affects people. I have noticed how human bodies are shaped according to their use. While most tribes seemed to be generally healthy and in shape, their physique was somehow not very attractive. I could not quite point out what was incorrect about their shape, until I saw the Korowai tribe!

These folk climb trees every day.
They live in tree houses. How awesome is that?!
I have yet to see tribal people with such a well formed physique, all around.
I know that most tribal people are rather active and healthy, and so there is no claim that the Korowai are somehow "stronger." What I have noticed is that when people have a lot of climbing in their daily lives, then their upper-bodies are better formed. This gives a well-balanced structure to the body.

So, together with general fitness, examples such as these have given me a lot of encouragement to include climbing, or just pull ups, in my daily routine. And I have to say - it works! (I promise a photo in the near future!)

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  2. I'm glad you enjoy my blog, and thanks! :-)


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