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Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Society For The Study Of Modern Visual Culture

Also known as Genshiken in popular manga and anime fan circles.

It's like Seinfeld, in that it's a series about nothing in particular.
I am enjoying the Nidaime season of the anime - which, confusingly enough, translates as "Second Semester," as far as my Japanese goes - and which is after the Genshiken 2 series! So, mind your chronication.

I often ask myself, why is it that I watch a series that is, to a far extent, ridiculous? I mean, the ideas presented are far from reflecting reality, nor are the events in it very sensible to a real person. So, why do I bother with a farce? Why do I enjoy being lied to?

Well, without going too far with the judgementalism thing, I feel that it would be fare to say that people watch these series, because they give us things that we are missing in our own life. A sense of adventure and comradry. Romance. The idea that people can express their own unique and often extremely unpopular opinions, without being viciously attacked by their peers.

It is easy to judge myself, for not demanding, from myself, all those things that I know I lack. But, it is neither fair not smart to do so. We can only affect our lives to a small extent, beyond which only compromise and patience remain tools of value.

So, while I continue enjoying impossibly idealistic and romantic notions, it is safe to say that I am lucky to have it as a second hand experience, rather than not have it at all, in my life. :-)

Hurray for Otaku!

The beginning is confusing and strange, but worry not, it is the real thing.
Enjoy episode 1:

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