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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Keeping Warm At Night

Now, I know, every so often I post some personal post, supposedly out of nowhere. I am a conscious Extremist and a self-proclaimed Adventurer, so bear with me. :=D

Autumn, also known as the Fall season, is upon us, here in the Northern Hemisphere of Planet Earth. Chilly nights and more frequent rains are expected, for many of us, in temperate climates. With this, I would like to discuss keeping warm at night and during sleep.

And don't forget to keep chic!
Every time the weather changes, I am reminded just how precarious it is, to let the body lose its' natural warmth. After a couple of cold nights and rather bad sleep, I have pulled out my pajama (just sweat shirt and pants, really) from the closet, once more. Ahh, how cuddly!

We may not always notice it, but our sleep and health can quickly deteriorate, when the body is not kept warm during sleep. It is the most important time of all to protect ourselves. Sleep is when we heal and rejuvenate from our daily efforts.

With that said, we should always keep a healthy airflow through our closed spaces, so it is better to wear more and cuddle, then to shut the windows completely, and suffocate!

So, as a short reminder, keep warm and dress well for your sleep. It is, after all, an important social event, between you and your dreams. ;-}

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