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Thursday, September 5, 2013

We Aren't Over Populated, We Are Over Urbanized

I would like to suggest the simple idea, that over-population can only exist within cities, and cannot exist outside of a city.

Let us examine the facts.

1. Outside of cities, there are fewer people.

2. Cities are constructed in such a way, so that they can handle more people than can be sustained from the land.

3. Cities must be hierarchical, for the control of their limited resources. An unorganized city would not be a city, at all.

4. In the wild, the survival of people depends on their personal or community's ability to sustain itself.

Take a look at the map. Compare urban areas to rural areas, and then to non-settled areas. It is painfully obvious that over-population exists strictly and only inside cities.
Depicting Manhattan before urbanization.

Other than personal conflicts between peoples, without the utilization of cities, there would be no instigator to the many hazards we face today; the results of massive human populations in a small area.

The notion that people cannot survive in the wild is as ridiculous as the idea that people can prosper in the city.

People are being forced and herded into the cities for the benefit of a few owners. Nature does not support this kind of organization. That is why it starts crumbling from the moment it is made, and it crumbles ever more forcefully as time goes on. It will not last.

We can have all the benefits of the modern world without enforcing on ourselves any city. Science, technology, medicine and education do not need the city. They only need their own homes, just as we make shelters and shrines.

Japan before & after. Thanks to National Geographic for sharing this amazing photo.

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