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Friday, September 27, 2013

Science-Fiction & Fantasy In Contemporary Life

Popular Animated Modern Fiction Is Often Creepy,
But It Certainly Ain't Depressing!
Have you ever felt like reality could benefit, a lot, from all those fiction stories surrounding us all?
Surely, many fiction tales touch the dread in our hearts that the future may come and with it an unstoppable horror. Stories like 1984 and I, Robot raise both interest and worry about the inevitable.

But, whoa there just a minute! How come those far in between and few stories get all the rap? While, every fiction lover out there knows just how much more vast and meaningful non-moralistic fiction stories are in modern literature. I mean, most fiction stories tell us of legions of good ideas for the future, regardless of ethics.

Definitely, they too have conflict in them, as this attracts the mind and thus the reader. Beyond having the common story-telling tricks, though, most fiction stories do not predict a 'Hell on Earth' - or outside of Earth, for that matter.

For example, stories such as The Foundation series by Isaac Asimov and Have Space Suit—Will Travel together with Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert A. Heinlein, tell us of mesmerizing pseudo-futures without bowing down to nihilism or to fatalism. The list of fiction stories that demonstrate, in our imaginations, the endless possibilities of the future, are that part with greater mass, in all readers' minds and hearts.

This concludes my rap about the real vibe of fiction books.

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