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Thursday, January 31, 2013

A Five Step Politician

A representative of the public, also known as a politician, is a person who requires a certain degree of experience and knowledge in the practice of sympathy.
“Leaders must be close enough to relate to others, but far enough ahead to motivate them.” - John Maxwell
A contending or chosen social representative must never have any conflicting interests. There must be no profit or benefit to him or anyone in his personal circle. This requires all financial information and historical records to be publicly accessible.

A certain curriculum is expected of the politician. It is not enough to have general knowledge. The most critical contemporary topics must be well researched. In addition, topics of social conduct and historical failures and successes must be versed. A politician not only represents his public, but they also lead their public.

Only through experiencing the hard facts of life, and learning how to cope with them realistically, can a representative be expected to be wise about their choices for the public. Each representative must pass a test of courage, wherein they will live for a month in the most poverty stricken conditions their public suffers voluntarily.

Each representative has their own specialty. The social issues are always diverse, and for that there must be enough professional politicians to adequately solve those technical problems that arise. It is only expected that a political office that represents the natural environment, which puts emphasis on the welfare of the local animals and plants, should be led and populated by those with specific experience and knowledge.

The life and well-being of the public is not a matter of play. If a selected representative is shown to be a failure, even though all requirements have been accounted for, then they must be replaced; for even a great expert can make great mistakes. The public must not let a politician have the interest of protecting their own status. Instead, those who already have an interest to replace the elected person - the contenders, must take responsibility over mistakes, and be elected whenever they identify a problem and offer a solution that the former politician could not handle.

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