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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

How To Be Happy With Poverty

It has always been a common issue with people around me. Poverty, or the lack of insight for a financial future. Today, I feel I must respond to an article I found on the matter at:
There is a misunderstanding with the issue of finance. Many assume that the ability to finance is related to both luck and opportunity. The reality is reversed. Finance is only constructed by need and ambition. When you may one day find yourself without a place to sleep in - then you have the need. Sometimes, all it takes is a warning. Such as feeling that going out for a party is just too expensive, before the month ends. o-o

Ambition is special. The will to drive yourself to success, and the intuition to choose the relevant options for you. The motivation to do it alone, and do it against all opposition, just because it is the right thing to do. For you. For me. A balanced mix, constructed by effort and education (knowledge), gives fruit to finance and success.

Poverty is a lacking. A wise person knows to manage what-is, and to employ any available resources for improvement daily. For a wise person, financial success is only periodic, while poverty is nonexistent.

My two cents, Inc.

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