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Thursday, January 10, 2013

A Soundtrack For Authors

It seems that many of us have lost the secret art of inspiration. In the past, artisans and craftsmen had an abundance of natural environment and quiet in their daily life. The sounds of water, animals, and the wind had reigned the cacophony of their lives.

Just as the painter needs a brush and a canvas, so does the writer need his own tools of the trade. In a similar fashion to a painter that chooses his studio or a special location for his painting, so does the writer need his special locations that would induce concentration and help his creative flow. For example, I benefit from the parks and remote locations in my suburban area away from the city.

Sometimes, though, it is not possible to find a comfortable and accessible remote location. For this, music can be our atmosphere, and assist in the writing process. When I do workout, I prefer good rock or metal music to encourage me. On the other hand, when I do something as immobile as writing, I require quiet and soothing music. I enjoy tracks from "fantasy" and "celtic" themes.

Feel free to add your own suggestions! :=)

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