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Saturday, January 26, 2013

No Blog Post Today

Emptiness is a vastly misunderstood concept. Space holds all matter, yet it is inherently empty for sight. People contain the force of life, yet we are inherently empty of it, for when the balance of a body fails, so does its' life vanish. Emptiness is not a lack of substance; rather emptiness is the balancing counterpoint to substance.
Imagine an object that is both empty and substantiated. It has no properties at all times, while it has all properties at no given time. This object is our reality. We, and all existence and living beings, are a confluence of the balance of reality. Each of us represents a balance. Anything we experience or do is a state of such balance.
A balanced life, which is the optimum state of all beings at any moment, requires a careful handling of both substance and emptiness. Substance is represented by the material world; all things that are sensory. Emptiness is represented by a digestion process of all matter, either physical or mental. Emptiness is not the lack of or opposite to substance. Rather, it is a process; unlike matter, which is a result or substantialization.

An inclination for results is unhealthy. An emphasis on processes is also unhealthy. Just like the well-trained juggler, so do all beings must throw and catch at the same time this accommodating experience of life.

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