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Monday, January 21, 2013


I have just finished reading the book Utopia (1516 by Thomas More), which I have gone through quickly in the past as well. It is essential for any modern day thinker to observe the changes that have occurred around us in history, and to see which of them do not change so much, while also acknowledging those changes that do not change at all.

In the story, More goes through crucial topics in every day social organization, such as finances and money (in which he debunks the need for coin and property); employmentcorruption and unlawful law and judgement; and even goes at some length into politics and royalty.

Even though many ideas and topics in the short book of one-hundred and eighty three (183) pages seem to be irrelevant for modern day logic and need, it is without a doubt a testimony and clear example of the goals we are still aspiring to reach even today. Do not dismiss this important artifact from our past.
The original cover for the book.

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