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Friday, January 18, 2013

Time To Sit Down

Socrates 400BC.
Meditation. The word has changed its' meaning quite profusely since the time of the ancient Greek philosophers. Originally, it held a wide meaning of taking time to ponder or think through. The idea was that knowledge is in itself the peak of realization.

Acariya Mun of the
Thailand Buddhist
Today, due to the expansion of Buddhist teachings around the world, meditation is used as a term for the action of being without disturbance. This new term disregards the value of knowledge, while emphasizing on the conditions necessary in order to obtain such knowledge.

I practice awareness meditation often. I value this practice and the Buddhist teachings and traditions. This has allowed me to be more aware of my life and environment. While more awareness also means more pressure to take responsibility, it is worthwhile and definitely recommended.

Want to try? Find a place where you are serene and have no disturbances at all. No people, no devices, no games and nothing else to draw your attention. Keep your attention calm and serene, and see how you feel after an hour of this practice. It is not important to keep any specific position, as long as your are not disturbed by this. I often switch from sitting to walking and so forth. Also, it is not important what you think or do not think about. There is no need to control anything, except for your surroundings and the choice to remain in that empty place. There is not even a need to set a certain amount of time for this practice, at all.

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