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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Amazonian Adventures #2

Today, I found out that my eBooks were hoarding serious technical bugs. >< Obviously, something that my audience would feel to be amateurish. Immediately, I turned and fixed those bugs!

Complaint #1
Amazon's file conversion system blows. I use the most simple and technically-correct Word 2010 documents, and still Amazon insist on bugging up my eBooks. Bad spaces - Wrong bookmarks - Inability to handle Unicode. *sigh*

Love trolls.
Complaint #2
Every time an author updates their book's files, it can take plenty of time for Amazon to update. In the meanwhile, if a mistake was made, there is no option to cancel submission - and upload a new file. No, I must wait these twenty-four (24) hours or more, until I can upload my books again, and then only a day later will those updates be available. Better be careful with that submission button.

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