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Friday, January 4, 2013


First, let me say that I adore the Shannara series by Terry Brooks. The reason I adore it, is that his writing is excellent, and his ideas are authentic and exciting. By authentic I mean that his ideas come from personal life experience, and this is palpable when reading the stories.

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I will also add that I have some disagreements with the series, and I will explain inside the review. So let's begin a short review on the first book of the series.

In the first book, Brooks slowly reveals a future fantasy & science-fiction world, where great destruction lead to a renewed Earth. This idea of mixing the two genres into one epic world is brilliant. Sadly, Brooks is a professional teaser, and as such reveals the interesting depths of his world ever so slow.

The Druid Allanon is surely the most charismatic (see D&D Abilities) character in the book. Possessing knowledge and power beyond mere mortals, he takes charge of events and shapes the future of all life on the planet by his actions. Trained to fight against those who wish to destroy and control others - he guides the time-lapsing heroes of this chapter through their duty.

I feel that the Ohmsford brothers and the sword fighting Menion Leah, with other characters in mind, are somehow shallower than the Druid in profile. The storyline is exciting and luring, while the characters themselves are not so much of either. This, of course, only diminishes from the quality of the story a little, and allows the patient reader to enjoy more developed characters in Brooks' future books.

Overall, I rate it to be an interesting read, and an exciting one as well. I recommend it, especially for anyone who would take interest in reading the entire series. I certainly feel that the first book is reduced into a simpler story without the rest of the series included.

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