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Saturday, January 12, 2013

The People Protest

In recent years, due to the economic and environmental crisis all over the world, protests have become a common event. It seems many people join into organized groups that see their mission as changing the way choices are being made for all of us. Without a doubt, this is a social crisis as well.

I see myself as an individual activist. I choose my unique way of life, because it suits me best, and also due to a lack of common-interest with my fellow citizens. This raises the question of common-interests between people. Obviously, wealthy people do not have the same basic needs I demand, and so cannot be in a group of commonality with me. Also, those who are unwilling to break rules and take responsibility for inventing new ones, cannot do what I do and wish to achieve.

A shout for justice, and a cry for help.
The first step in change.
What is the second?
Whenever I think about mass-protests in the streets, I think of two things. One, is that I am gladdened to see some noise made about the injustice we all suffer. The second, is that most people are unwilling to go beyond pleading for help, and will not take action to protect themselves and those they care about. These I refer to as the "idiot masses", who are as easily directed into a protest for peace, as they are directed into a protest for war. I do not see myself among them at all.

On the other hand, all of us common people have the same needs: Some land, some water, some food, and some company and responsibility. Why could we not all together protect those basic necessities? Why could we not all together make sure that the right to be free, even alone and without, but at the very least without persecution, is adhered to?

Too often it people put their fear of others above their responsibility and care for those others. We certainly do so to ourselves.

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