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Sunday, January 27, 2013

A New Language In Process: English

I enjoy sharing and reading in writers' forums. It is a  suitable hobby for a wanna-be author. It has been an interesting experience to receive different comments about my choice of words and style. I would like to investigate this topic today.

Charles Dickens in 1860
Even though English has some very important rules, which guide us all in its' proper use, so that meanings are inferred correctly, it has long lost its' place as a privately controlled language. It is no longer the language of any one people, nor two or three. It has become a global language. A language of all people. With this change in ownership, many rules and ideas have been introduced into English.

Any person who had the occasion to entertain Engrish, Japanese English, or Indian English well spoken by legions of telephone representatives and support personnel, has had the unusual experience of being part of a conversation that does not claim to be in actual English; but rather in Global English. <Insert New & Entertaining Name Here> might just make the original language not as common as it still is.

Pfft Gamers.
And not to mention internet slang and "leet" writing. It may be that the new ways people use English to communicate in writing could lead the future of our new global language!

j00Z |\|3\/3r |<|\|0\/\/, U|\|L3$ j00Z 7r'/. :)

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