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Monday, January 28, 2013

Democracy Is Bad For All

Today, I will shortly write my opinion about democracy.

G. Edward Griffin
on Collectivism
(YouTube Video)
Democracy is a method by which a ruling elite, who rule by force, manipulate human society into accepting atrocities. Their manipulation is aimed at the majority group of adult males, for they are the most dangerous and influential group of people in any society. Women, although dangerous just the same, are more occupied by nature.

I feel that there are unrealistic hopes about the results democracy is supposed to bring forth. I encourage all and one to let go of any such hopes, and instead search and investigate into well-founded ideas for making life healthy and enjoyable. A life of responsibility and care. A life of freedom and open love.

I say well-founded ideas, because democracy is a badly-founded idea. Democracy is founded on practices of extreme violence, extreme racism, extreme sexism, and extreme ignorance and social manipulation. Welcome to the Greek Empire of antiquity. The facts of democracy, in the past, and today, and its' evolution are a cause for distraught. It is a factual and historical evil. Is it worth protecting and promoting? No. There is nothing to protect, because democracy has already pretty much gone as far as it will go in the modern world. It is worth learning from, and advancing forward from and into a better paradigm. A better social paradigm.

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