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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Myth of Commonality & Public Interest

Today, I would like to discuss with you a myth that is the cause of war on our public freedom. This is the idea that the public has a common interest, at all.

Barack Hussein Obama II
I will repeat. The public never had, and never will have, a common interest. There for, no person or group of people will ever be able to represent the public under any commonality.

Just as a group of wealthy executives, who spend their days in offices, are unable to represent poverty stricken communities; so are the poverty stricken community of any town or neighborhood, unable to represent those of wealth and status.

The analogy that best exemplifies this case, is the one where an engineer is replaced by ten popular citizens. Without the hard gained skills and knowledge necessary to bring about results, those ten cannot achieve what the individual engineer achieves every day.

George W. Bush
Social representatives are professionals. They are not, on the other hand, magicians. Those who claim to answer the needs of all are liars. Those who claim to improve on the issues at hand, without first proving that no personal interest will conflict with these issues, are frauds and cheats.

Modern-day politicians have no choice, but to be frauds. Finance remains their sole interest, and as long there is any interest in finance and power for a politician, then there is no hope for freedom.

Ralph Nader
Reversely, if the only interest of the social representatives is freedom, then there is no doubt that the result will be public freedom.

A politician that is both aware of, and learned in, the lives of all people, will without a doubt be obliged to keep freedom above all. It is only an unlearned and unaware politician that brings forth the demise and destruction we see raging at the beginning of the third millennium A.D.

Queen of England
Elizabeth II
On both accounts must a politician be tested and proven, and must they be created and shaped. How could we expect a politician to do our bidding, when they are unaware of the misery of people during their work? It is as if a blind architect was chosen to build our cities. How could we expect a politician to succeed in doing the right thing, when they are unlearned in the things most important to us? They are learned only in conquest and power. It is as if we were to expect an infantry soldier to take upon himself the role of a strategist. Indeed, it leads to bloodshed and misery.

Tomorrow, I will post on my first attempt at describing the requirements we must all bid necessary, for a social representative to fulfill, before gaining the creed of office. I am certain that all true leaders and social activist will take much interest in having such a practice activated, for the benefit of all.

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