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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Mahō Senshi Riui

Young Merrill Attacking Louie The Hero
In English it is titled Rune Soldier. I haven't finished the anime, so I won't call this a proper review, but I'll do it anyway. I need a short break before the next episode loads. :=D

This short series of twenty-four (24) episodes, which ran in 2001, is a light adventure and comedy story about a Mage and Fighter called Louie. I was looking for something to watch - you know, for lunch - and so browsing through the Comedy category of animes I found this little title. I highly recommend it. Oh yeah, it also has plenty of ecchi jokes. I love this bit ->

Apparently, this title comes from the same mangaka of Record of Lodoss War and Sword World - Ryo Mizuno. I recall watching Lodoss and enjoying it as well.

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  1. Ahhh and the soundtracks are so lovely :=D From Midi to Classical Guitar!


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