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Friday, January 25, 2013

Mutual Trust

Humans are not dissimilar to animals in the sense that just as you or I would not lend reasons for a snake to bite us, so should people not be allowed to behave in an aggressive manner. Just as the animal would be manipulated into a sense of security, so should people be manipulated into a sense of trust.

This could be achieved by identifying and applying the properties that relay trust. An abundance of food and water. Public declarations of security. Public declarations of common interests. A seeming abundance of living space. Flattery. Investments in the other's growth. A sense of all important responsibilities being taken care of by the manipulator.

Governments apply this in their rule. Regardless of the moral question about such actions, there is a practical question to be raised about using this practice. Is there a suspicion that those being manipulated are in fact being degraded? Their skills and minds slowly losing aptitude?

It is well known in Anthropological research circles that many indigenous tribal peoples manipulate relationships between tribe members and whole tribes, in order to maintain peace and flourish. For example, some tribes come together in celebration of some socially acceptable reason, and maintain a healthy and peaceful bond through the sharing of gifts and joy.

I suspect that there is a healthy balance of thoughtfulness that requires a technical manipulation of people, in order to achieve and maintain mutually beneficial relationships. It seems to me that people must only present what they want others to take from them, so that they in return receive what they want without conflict. This sort of half-truth or deceit is crucial when another person is unable to understand the meaning of another's actions or opinions; the misunderstanding leading to fear and aggression.

A balance to this manipulation would be an effort to educate those ignorant to such ideas, without directly revealing the ideas in whole. In this way, while conflict is kept in check, the manipulating party can continue within its' interest, and even encourage others to join. The only trick I find illusive, is the manner in which the deceit is explained as a misunderstanding, and not as a blunt lie.

Oh, the trouble of awareness.

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