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Saturday, January 5, 2013

How To Make A Story Sound More Interesting

Often, authors will think of events and characters that really capture the mind. These would beg and insist to have a story-world to be told about in. While a good idea and a character is something to start with, it is obviously not enough. Interest is lacking.

A good event or story need several things:
A. A reason for it's occurrence; whether it is told before the event of afterwards.
B. Relevant emotions that create sympathy between the characters and the reader. Without describing such strong emotions, the reader will feel disinterest.
And finally, C. Every event must be in relation to its' affect on others in the story. I once saw on TV a joke about this issue. The newscaster read from the prompter: "An atomic-bomb has fallen on Los Angeles last night! No one was killed or injured in the event." :-D Hehehe Classical.

I hope this helps. ;-)

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